Just a day

Better late than never

It was a regular day of early summer. I woke up at 10 after a 5 hr sleep, went to lab without having shower (yes I was too inquisitive for something that I discovered in last night work, and not lazy), got a call from someone that made my day like always. In the evening, with a cup of green tea I sat at the roof alone where I used to sit with my best friend, talk about life and gossip about every single person we knew. Wind was changing its natural course, getting calm and few tiny little drops of rain fall on my face. Gazing into the black sky, trees dancing with the winds I thought how much similar we are to these immobile trees. They were dancing with the wind and if winds were strong and they would have refused to dance with their pace, they wouldn’t be there. I was realizing Darwin’s theory of survival of best after a long time. Someone has truly said if you don’t have your own plan, chances are you will fall into someone’s plan and guess what they have planned about you, nothing. Trees might be incapable of taking control but we are certainly not. Then I remembered the person who used to be another one at that place. She always tried to tell me that but I guess I have developed habit of making my own mistake and learning from that. Well!! I got her words finally. Better late than never.