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Only Love: Erich Segal

Book Review

Rating: 2.5/5

A short love story of Silvia and Matthew, hailing from completely different social background and brought together by their affection for music. Two lovers vowed to spend their life together only to fall apart in pieces.

This is the second book I have read that is written by Erich Segal. Love Story was brilliant in its portrayal of evident and non-evident emotions. Only Love, throughout its length was also impeccable, the everlasting bond between Matthew and Evie and the magnetism between Matthew and Silvia. A heartbreaking story of a love lost and a love found. But when it comes to end, how he (Matthew) can say that I have always loved you, Evie. We, as human, always keep parts of them whom we loved once. One can be free and moved on. And in order to do so, we forgive them and ourselves, keep the good memories with ourselves and not put blame on the other one. Whatever the reason Silvia had for her disappearance from his life whether it was sense of responsibility or fear for survival, it cannot change the fact what she and Matthew had once was beautiful and it was Love.


aspiring poet :P

Badrang tasweerein

Jindagi ki iss raah se armaan kiye the humne bahut saare

Aaj jab peeche mud kar dekha to pehchan bhi na paye

Unhi tasweeron ko jinme rang hum ne hi the kabhi bhare

Khud ko di tasalli ki hamare rang hi na the pakke

Par munh na fer paye iss shaq se

ki kya inn rangon ki fitrat mein badal jana hi tha shumar

Sochti hun badh jaun aage kisi nayi tasweer banane

Kuch nayi tulikaon aur behtarareen rangon k saath

Ya inn badrang rangon ko sahejun loon apni hatheli mein

Ye aas liye ki badal dungi inki kismat kiye band apni muthhi mein.