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Acrylic on Canvas: Part 5

Theme: Contrast

Poppies: On this stretched canvas on wood of size 12”*12” I intended to put only black and white to create a contrast. Contrast of dull and bright, of glee and woe and of light and dark. Background came out as dramatic and dull as I expected with use of a little glazing medium. A flower like poppy totally balanced the dreariness of the background but then I drew those dark buds. It seemed that only black and white are not enough to create the consonance. One of them always tend to overpower the other. The canvas needed a decisive factor. And red was perfect. With time I have learnt that the more you let go of control on the brush the more beauty gets added to the piece. Poppy’s petals are imperfect, stems are imperfect and even the pistil in the centre of flowers are imperfect. But together it turned out a perfect the-bedroom-wall piece.


Poppies on my bedroom wall


Just a day · Listening to nature · Nature

That rainy day

Oh the lovely rain and your lovely timing

Oh the beauty of the peacock feathers

And the smell of wet grass under my feet

And above all you the music of drops and drizzle

As if you wanted me to tune in your rhythm.


Oh you chilly sweet breeze with a silky touch

Oh you swiftly bent branches of that olive tree

And the sound of sparrows swinging on you

As if you were leading me to make a twirl.


Oh you yellow flowers with a lot of red tint

And the blue sky with a mesmerizing rainbow

Oh the little pool with brownish green pebbles

As if you were making the stage for THE perfect dance.