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Maybe tomorrow…



Maybe tomorrow…

She had a bonsai tree in her balcony
With dark green leaves and red buds,
In a chipped pot with faded jute strings
With dripping water in the slowest rhythm. 

Mid noon she used to come in the balcony
With her black scarf, maybe talking to the bush,
Watering the bonsai to pace up the water drip
Oblivious to world beside the rails of the terrace. 

It was her daily routine and my holy ritual
Two worlds across a street collating unknowingly,
Red locks getting away cheating those golden clips
And my heart skipping beats mesmerized knowingly.

Burning crisp in the sun with no one to water
Now I see the buds in gloom bending to bow,
Maybe waiting for her gazing across the street
Holding the breath with a hope for tomorrow 🙂


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Spider web

Miracle happens when you start looking at the things that were there for as long as you knew with the perspective that you just acquired, fresh and untainted. It happened to me  when I looked up and found the white and blue clouds, the yellow sun and a colder sky looking at a mere mortal through those spider webs between me and them. And it looked like spider-web to me.

April 9, 2016, Mumbai: I found this scenery while peeping through an usually twisted branches of a tree of a kind unknown to me on my usual morning walk route. I must have been taking the same running track for at least 3 months, yet I didn’t notice how beautiful the ugliest twists can be when contrasted against a calm not-so-blue sky.

Autumn, April 9, 2016

June 11, 2016, Mumbai: An early summer morning when the sun was warm, only-soothing-bright and not-so-scorching-hot, when the leaves were sparkling with the sunlight, a flock of birds just passed through over my head and now you can judge my speed to click a picture based on how many of them I could catch in the snap. It was a pleasantly soothing morning when leaves were partially obliging the branches with their presence.

Summer, June 11, 2016

November 23, 2017, Atlanta, USA: It was thanksgiving and I was really thankful for the color Fall comes with. And who doesn’t, Right? Consistent blue sky just for the background with so many red-yellow-orange leaves waiting just to fall on you. Ah I miss fall.

Fall, November 23, 2017

December 8, 2017, College Station, TX: Well it snowed last night in Texas after 5 years. And it looks like the snow has surrounded the branches and preparing to creep into it, ready to suck life out of that, too stubborn to fall from the trees. Thank god for the next day sun to save their lives.

Snow, December 8, 2017


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Acrylic on Canvas: Part 5

Theme: Contrast

Poppies: On this stretched canvas on wood of size 12”*12” I intended to put only black and white to create a contrast. Contrast of dull and bright, of glee and woe and of light and dark. Background came out as dramatic and dull as I expected with use of a little glazing medium. A flower like poppy totally balanced the dreariness of the background but then I drew those dark buds. It seemed that only black and white are not enough to create the consonance. One of them always tend to overpower the other. The canvas needed a decisive factor. And red was perfect. With time I have learnt that the more you let go of control on the brush the more beauty gets added to the piece. Poppy’s petals are imperfect, stems are imperfect and even the pistil in the centre of flowers are imperfect. But together it turned out a perfect the-bedroom-wall piece.


Poppies on my bedroom wall


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Travel Diary: Niagara Falls

This month one more item got checked off my bucket list. It was Niagara Falls and it certainly has added a lot more than a check to my experiences. People say that Canada has a better view of the grandeur of the Falls. But in my opinion American side was no less. The three falls, Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil constitutes Niagara falls. American and Bridal veil are on American side so it naturally gives a better view from Canadian side. Horseshoe Falls form a natural boundary between United States and Canada. In the snap below, the first fall on the left side is American Falls. A small island known as Luna Island separates Bridal Veil from the American Falls. At the far right end after Goat Island and below the massive clouds of mist, there is the largest fall of Niagara, the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls
View from Niagara State Observation Tower

Main tourist attractions of Niagara are Maid of the Mist boat tour and Cave of the Winds. Maid of the mist boat tour starts from a rather calm point near the Rainbow bridge, and takes you all the way to breathtaking Horseshoe Falls through American and Bridal Veil Falls.

American & Bridal Veil Falls
View from Maid of the Mist boat

As the boat passes Bridal Veil Falls, you will see a colony of gulls near Horseshoe Falls and you will envy them to be that near to this natural wonder. When the boat approaches the Horseshoe Falls, you will be soaking up in the mist and will barely manage to keep open your eyes.

Horseshoe Falls
View from Maid of the Mist boat

Just when you will think the view can not get better, it will leave you speechless. The water falling down with a tremendous force, the mist rising from the river and you will not be able to have enough of this over-whelming moment.

Horseshoe Falls

This video is an attempt to seal that moment so I can relive them whenever I want to.

This was not it. Cave of the Winds is a man-made stairs to the Bridal Veil Falls. An elevator will ride you down to the base of the fall and you can see the fall infront of you falling with such of force that it seems to take you down with it. Now you have the option to just enjoy the view or get soaked up in the misty water. Well it took me two attempts to gather my courage to go to the fall. Don’t judge me if I didn’t want to meddle with that force and it was freezing cold there. But one does not go to Niagara often so I went up anyway. And trust me it was every bit of it was worth.

Cave of the Winds

I will probably visit Niagara from Canada side once just to know why people say what they say.


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That rainy day

Oh the lovely rain and your lovely timing
Oh the beauty of the peacock feathers
And the smell of wet grass under my feet
And above all you the music of drops and drizzle
As if you wanted me to tune in your rhythm.

Oh you chilly sweet breeze with a silky touch
Oh you swiftly bent branches of that olive tree
And the sound of sparrows swinging on you
As if you were leading me to make a twirl.

Oh you yellow flowers with a lot of red tint
And the blue sky with a mesmerizing rainbow
Oh the little pool with brownish green pebbles
As if you were making the stage for THE perfect dance.


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Vanishing eyes of wilds

Once in a while, she used to get on wheels
Heading to the fields, swirls or hills.
And she never wanted company, I asked her why
None more engaging than the serene nature, she replied.
The solace she found in lap of those mountains
In city streets and light she couldn’t obtain.
Noise in chirping of birds, stillness in the water
Anxiety in eyes of wilds, gracious move of tiger
The purity of rain, the freshness of breeze
She only wished that moment to freeze.

But this time woods feel strange to her
Breeze less windy, greenery got leaner.
Snow looks pale, less cold and thinning
As if nature is getting old, less charming.
Why her maturity isn’t pretty, she wonders
Or the pretty is angry with any of her blunders.
Suddenly she realized the scary quietness in the air
Absence of the unspoken voices she used to hear.
Her companions who talked to her through their paws and fur
Now are now taken afar by her own race, in a moment of spur.