The Fault in Our Stars


A book that makes you sad in a good way. A cute and dark-humored tale of love of two terminally ill teens, struggle of an only child to leave less and leeser scars on the lives of her parents, courageous efforts of a kid to die gracefully by giving everyday its best. A story that reminds you how precious moments can be if lived to the fullest, no matter how short they are.

From the very beginning, story flows with its own sweet and inevitably sad pace. And the best part you’ll become a part of that. You will feel the wish of Hazel, Gus and Issac for some missing part of their lives. Above that you will pain of their parents of seeing their children getting deprived of living as normal, guilt of imagining their live without them. To its loveliest part you’ll see Gus and Hazel making best of their days whichever they were left with.