Love · Poetry




Veil of the night fell
        with the full moon
                  and an embrace is found.

Rhythm of slow melodies
        are heard
                and the dance begun.

Eyes to eyes met
        and the souls connected
                finding sweet romance.

Whispers got silent
        shine in that need
                sought within the darkness.

yet held with a kiss
        hearts begin to reveal
                that moment in the night.

                in the light of the night.



Art · DIY · Feel good :D

Ganesh wali Kandeel: Diwali


Ganesh wali kandeel

You will need:

Handmade papers:  4 (2 each of the same color)

Silk Threads: 9 (2*4 for corners +1 to hang)

Black Acrylic paint and brush

Cardboard strips

Scissor and blade, Glue, Needle

Method:You can find it here

P.S.: kwikdeko really is full of feasible DIY projects. I will definitely try more of it. 🙂