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Oil on paper: Part 1


There is a small tunnel near my house. It occasionally has water, lets say for less than a month in a year. Yet it is so blossomed with bushes, flowers and wilds. And god they are colorful. You will be surprised to find a pastel corner at the side of a tunnel. Surrounding is gross, no doubt about that. Wildflowers are mesmerizing, no doubt about that either!

Medium: Oil colors
Paper: Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad, 11″x14″
Tools: Knife

P.S.: This was my first successful attempt of oil colors.



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Acrylic on Canvas: Part 7

Have you ever been to a city with so many fall colors. Most of you of course have been. Well I live in Texas where you will not find much of fall colors. That disappoints one who loves and worships colors. It took me almost 2 years to see them after arriving on US soil. And man, they are beautiful. They can make the dullest landscape so full of life.

I tried to put that picture on two 8″x10″ canvas with only acrylic colors. No medium used. Left canvas is just black and white. When I started painting 4 years back, I was so afraid of using black it being so pigmented. Now even without using any medium, the fine details came out just imperfectly perfect. Right one is as colorful as it can, yellow, orange, red, shades of blue and what not. I love each of them separately as well as put together. What about you?

IMG_3961 copy

Fall in Boston ❤

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Photograph I: Flowers- Just like Us!

I always thought photography in an art. But it’s a skill. The art is looking through a frame and see what others could not. We always see flowers, of all kinds, potted and wild, real and fake, beautiful and pale. But what we usually fail to see is how they are alike us, sometimes withered, sometimes bright and shiny and sometimes not real. They are full of colors, of diverse colors, covering the whole spectrum. And you could find them growing in varied places, And you would wonder how they are so beautiful irrespective of it.



I clicked this one in local farm store, potted, kept on a wooden bench. This pink flower was different. Not too bright and not too dull. Just existing. In its own corner. Still the contrast it created with the dark green leaves, made it worth clicking.


Unnamed flower

This one I clicked in Niagara, Buffalo. It was a tiny thing struggling with the currents leading the almighty falls, trying to sustain itself. Just like us! And it was so beautiful. Purple and yellow. Boy, flowers do know some things about being fashionable. It was the only flower in the bunch which wasn’t dying. They were so close to water, yet drying. Excess of somethings isn’t always good. Is it?

Red rose in a sire dictionary page

Red rose in a sire dictionary page

Here you have a vintage looking rose on an old dictionary page. In the wide family of flowers, rose has an unique place. And a red one is a symbol of love, an emotion that holds us in good and bad times. It reminds me of that rose in Beauty and the beast. Ah I am a sucker for romance. You will say it is just a drawing. I say why does it matter. A rose is a rose. I feel happy when I see it. I bet you too. Haven’t we been unreal from time to time. Flowers also has a right to be. All that counts is that that it is beautiful even in its simplicity, reminding you of a beautiful time.


Pink Begonias

This was in the same farm market. I guess I had a thing for pink that time. They were beautiful and silent, minding their own business. And who does not like hanging planters. It made me feel like I am wondering in an European street. I like this picture more due to the blurred background. The path is beautiful whether you know or don’t where it is leading you to. Doesn’t it all that matters?




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Veil of the night fell
        with the full moon
                  and an embrace is found.

Rhythm of slow melodies
        are heard
                and the dance begun.

Eyes to eyes met
        and the souls connected
                finding sweet romance.

Whispers got silent
        shine in that need
                sought within the darkness.

yet held with a kiss
        hearts begin to reveal
                that moment in the night.

                in the light of the night.





Maybe tomorrow…

She had a bonsai tree in her balcony
With dark green leaves and red buds,
In a chipped pot with faded jute strings
With dripping water in the slowest rhythm. 

Mid noon she used to come in the balcony
With her black scarf, maybe talking to the bush,
Watering the bonsai to pace up the water drip
Oblivious to world beside the rails of the terrace. 

It was her daily routine and my holy ritual
Two worlds across a street collating unknowingly,
Red locks getting away cheating those golden clips
And my heart skipping beats mesmerized knowingly.

Burning crisp in the sun with no one to water
Now I see the buds in gloom bending to bow,
Maybe waiting for her gazing across the street
Holding the breath with a hope for tomorrow 🙂



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Maybe tomorrow…



Miracle happens when you start looking at the things that were there for as long as you knew with the perspective that you just acquired, fresh and untainted. It happened to me  when I looked up and found the white and blue clouds, the yellow sun and a colder sky looking at a mere mortal through those spider webs between me and them. And it looked like spider-web to me.

April 9, 2016, Mumbai: I found this scenery while peeping through an usually twisted branches of a tree of a kind unknown to me on my usual morning walk route. I must have been taking the same running track for at least 3 months, yet I didn’t notice how beautiful the ugliest twists can be when contrasted against a calm not-so-blue sky.


Autumn, April 9, 2016

June 11, 2016, Mumbai: An early summer morning when the sun was warm, only-soothing-bright and not-so-scorching-hot, when the leaves were sparkling with the sunlight, a flock of birds just passed through over my head and now you can judge my speed to click a picture based on how many of them I could catch in the snap. It was a pleasantly soothing morning when leaves were partially obliging the branches with their presence.


Summer, June 11, 2016

November 23, 2017, Atlanta, USA: It was thanksgiving and I was really thankful for the color Fall comes with. And who doesn’t, Right? Consistent blue sky just for the background with so many red-yellow-orange leaves waiting just to fall on you. Ah I miss fall.


Fall, November 23, 2017

December 8, 2017, College Station, TX: Well it snowed last night in Texas after 5 years. And it looks like the snow has surrounded the branches and preparing to creep into it, ready to suck life out of that, too stubborn to fall from the trees. Thank god for the next day sun to save their lives.


Snow, December 8, 2017


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Spider web

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Acrylic on canvas: Part 6

Paris [Theme: Contrast] 


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This is my last painting of 2017. This year has been a year of my obsession for dark colors. Here I have used a little of black but a lot of brown, red and mauve. Who could have thought mauve clouds can reflect a dreamier european sky. You can see various stages of painting in the slideshow. The layers of brick red and mauve sky, white unruly clouds, the not-so-precise Eiffel tower, some more clouds now somewhat colorful and more unruly making the Eiffel tower seems at a far distance, the girl in red inspired by Audrey Hepburn, shades of red in her dress and the mauve flower at the back of her dress, it all ends up creating a wonderful piece. Owing to my determination of stop being a control freak, for the first time I drew the girl only with the paint, no pencil and no trace paper. It came out just imperfect to look real. Her locks coming out of the bun from here and there, her flowing purple hair ribbon and the randomly placed clouds are giving the frame a windy look. The streaks of black and red in her dress might make this piece qualified for a Monroe moment in an imaginative and exaggerating way.