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The Crystal Ganesha

For the last few months, I am completely in awe with the lord Ganesha’s idol. His round tummy, the baby elephant head and a distinctive appearance, everything is unique about him. And I am more fascinated by the infinite ways in which you can play artistically with that image. On Diwali I made a kandeel with lord Ganesha’s idol on its two of its faces. Yesterday I made a decorative piece for my office desk with crystal Ganesha’s on it.crystal ganesha

For that you will need:

Few shiny crystals (I took them from my aquarium 😀 )crystal

Red acylic color, Brush, Scissors, Fevicolred acrylic1

A cardboard of your choice ( I chose a 4”x4”)

Time to make: less than 15 minutes

How to make it: Cut cardboard to the desired size according to crystal’s size. Then paint it with red acrylic. Keep the paint a little thick, move the brush like uniform waves to give the board a textured look and leave it for 4 hours to dry. Thicker the paint, the better will be the texture and the more time it will take to dry. Stick the crystals on the colored cardboard in the fashion shown in the above picture with fevicol or crafty glue.  The beautiful crystal Ganesha is ready. You can put it in a golden metallic frame and give your wall an exquisite hanging.


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The long due post: Birthday

You know your life has changed when you no longer crave for a birthday cake nor you need a birthday bash. Just few close friends and family will do the trick.

This year on September 27th I turned umm…. let’s say plus one than how much older I was on my last birthday. 😛 😀 This was different in many ways. My younger brother came to visit me. I have not been home in around eight long months. This is the longest I have been away from my home. I was missing home and he was also missing me, well not exactly me but our fights :D. I do not remember when I was with him last on my birthday. It cannot be any less than a decade. So I could not ask for more and happily cancelled all of my plans. I took one day leave and we went for shirdi darshan on 26th. He wanted me to have divine blessings. Although I am not a believer, I prefer to respect other’s belief. We visited the famous Shirdi and the Shani Shingnapur.  Later one is well known for God Shani’s temple and holds a place in The Guinness book of World Records.

We came back to Mumbai around 11:15 in the might. I am not a big fan of cake, neither is my brother. At midnight, I blew one candle and cut a walnut pie instead of innumerable candles which I would have added to the unused stock of things in my drawer and a creamy cake. I have recently moved to Mumbai, so very few people had my contact number, so I only got few calls to wish happy birthday. The important ones came obviously. And the best part, my parents called at 12 am. On every birthday they used to call me in the morning ritualistically. And I felt happy, differently happy. Bhai was too tired so he slept off. And I ended up doing google hangout with my friends for 2 hours. Hangout has really been a blessing for long distance friend gangs.

The morning was pretty normal. Sleeping till almost noon, weekly chores and of course gifts :D. Gifts are definitely the best part of birthday 😉 . And you know what I got a Barbie as present. I do not know why but I never had a Barbie while growing up, nor did I ever ask for it. Someone has truly said that a girl can never be too old to play with Barbie. At the same time I felt like two persons, a grown up and a kid is embodied in me. At one front I am rising over the fanciness of the birthday celebration. And at the other side I still crave for little joys. Probably the ambivalence of this feel is the real beauty of being a grown-up.

Birthday gifts <3 :-*
Birthday gift