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Maybe tomorrow…



Maybe tomorrow…

She had a bonsai tree in her balcony
With dark green leaves and red buds,
In a chipped pot with faded jute strings
With dripping water in the slowest rhythm. 

Mid noon she used to come in the balcony
With her black scarf, maybe talking to the bush,
Watering the bonsai to pace up the water drip
Oblivious to world beside the rails of the terrace. 

It was her daily routine and my holy ritual
Two worlds across a street collating unknowingly,
Red locks getting away cheating those golden clips
And my heart skipping beats mesmerized knowingly.

Burning crisp in the sun with no one to water
Now I see the buds in gloom bending to bow,
Maybe waiting for her gazing across the street
Holding the breath with a hope for tomorrow 🙂


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Acrylic on canvas: Part 6

Paris [Theme: Contrast] 


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This is my last painting of 2017. This year has been a year of my obsession for dark colors. Here I have used a little of black but a lot of brown, red and mauve. Who could have thought mauve clouds can reflect a dreamier european sky. You can see various stages of painting in the slideshow. The layers of brick red and mauve sky, white unruly clouds, the not-so-precise Eiffel tower, some more clouds now somewhat colorful and more unruly making the Eiffel tower seems at a far distance, the girl in red inspired by Audrey Hepburn, shades of red in her dress and the mauve flower at the back of her dress, it all ends up creating a wonderful piece. Owing to my determination of stop being a control freak, for the first time I drew the girl only with the paint, no pencil and no trace paper. It came out just imperfect to look real. Her locks coming out of the bun from here and there, her flowing purple hair ribbon and the randomly placed clouds are giving the frame a windy look. The streaks of black and red in her dress might make this piece qualified for a Monroe moment in an imaginative and exaggerating way.


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Au revoir


Old yellow houses and their broken window pane
in a sync on both sides of a pale narrow lane
Red flower pots with petunia and begonia spiraling down
a smell of fresh coffee and burning tinge of cinnamon
The lady in black rushing as if to catch a train
breaking the silence in my head those little drops of rain
A girl in brown boots and a guy with shiny brown cane
her fingers fidgeting with his iffy hands on that old bench
As if words are being exchanged in morse code
aloof from the rain, the mud and the ugly toad
As if the storm of thoughts are rushing through them
his eyes staring into hers decoding the silence of mayhem
Oblivious to bespattered with mud thrown by that rusty car
Her fist now resting calmly in his still iffy palms saying au revoir.


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Kevin Bethune on Picking the Locks: Journey to Innovation — Design.blog

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist When I was young, I had a voracious curiosity for the arts and sciences. I loved to sketch and enjoyed going to museums with my parents and siblings. They were big on opening their children’s eyes beyond […]

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Only Love: Erich Segal

Book Review

Rating: 2.5/5

A short love story of Silvia and Matthew, hailing from completely different social background and brought together by their affection for music. Two lovers vowed to spend their life together only to fall apart in pieces.

This is the second book I have read that is written by Erich Segal. Love Story was brilliant in its portrayal of evident and non-evident emotions. Only Love, throughout its length was also impeccable, the everlasting bond between Matthew and Evie and the magnetism between Matthew and Silvia. A heartbreaking story of a love lost and a love found. But when it comes to end, how he (Matthew) can say that I have always loved you, Evie. We, as human, always keep parts of them whom we loved once. One can be free and moved on. And in order to do so, we forgive them and ourselves, keep the good memories with ourselves and not put blame on the other one. Whatever the reason Silvia had for her disappearance from his life whether it was sense of responsibility or fear for survival, it cannot change the fact what she and Matthew had once was beautiful and it was Love.


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वो तितली जो आया करती थी मेरी अनसोयी ख्वाबों में
खींचे ले जा रही मुझे अपनी सितारों में
मध्धम सी हवाऎं मदहोश करती फिजाऒं में
इक जानी पहचानी सी दुनिया जैस॓ सुनी हो कहानियों में
मैं भी चल पड़ी न जाने किस रवानी की खोज में
न रोक पायी मुझे मेरी ही दुनिया, थी मैं बेख्याली में
नाउम्मीदी और बेयकीनी जो पनप चुकी थी इस दुनिया की फितरत पे
सवाल कर रही थी मुझसे, कैसा अहसास खींचे ले जा रहा मुझे तुझसे दूर
ना रह गई कोई डोर जो खींच ले वापिस तेरी ओर
मैं ढूंढने चली इक बूंद उम्मीद स्नेह और नवीनता की
लिए उत्सुकता इक अनिश्चित, अनद॓खी रवानी की
जो दे सके वजह मुझे फिर स॓ इक खूबसूरत जिन्दगानी की।