aspiring poet :P · Nature

Vanishing eyes of wilds

Once in a while, she used to get on wheels
Heading to the fields, swirls or hills.
And she never wanted company, I asked her why
None more engaging than the serene nature, she replied.
The solace she found in lap of those mountains
In city streets and light she couldn’t obtain.
Noise in chirping of birds, stillness in the water
Anxiety in eyes of wilds, gracious move of tiger
The purity of rain, the freshness of breeze
She only wished that moment to freeze.

But this time woods feel strange to her
Breeze less windy, greenery got leaner.
Snow looks pale, less cold and thinning
As if nature is getting old, less charming.
Why her maturity isn’t pretty, she wonders
Or the pretty is angry with any of her blunders.
Suddenly she realized the scary quietness in the air
Absence of the unspoken voices she used to hear.
Her companions who talked to her through their paws and fur
Now are now taken afar by her own race, in a moment of spur.