Barfi :D

After a depressing mid term paper I found myself in a serious need to get myself absorbed anywhere but not in my room. And I couldn’t find a better place than almost empty theatre of a weekday in a city like Kanpur although I am not a big fan of romantic HINDI movies.
What I found
“Barfi” The movie: An amazing poetic love story that I can watch again and again. Full of symbolism. A Classic.
Barfi: A person seeking love even where it seems difficult to find, ready to do literally anything for his loved ones, getting matured to not give up on someone you love.
Shruti: trying not to make a mistake, trying to get what they lost.
Jhilmil: an autistic portrayed just like a normal person seeking love, getting insecure and willing to live a life.
As a matter of fact every character had an impact be it shruti’s mom, the inspector or daju.
Direction: is awesome. When I left my chair in the movie hall, I realized movie was not about characters, be it Barfi, Jhilmil or Shruti. It was totally focused on an unspoken feeling that is love. In fact in entire movie I didn’t realize the need of words. Basu once again crafted a beautiful piece of emotions.
Songs: Wonderfully mixed with the pace and story of the film. And in repeat mode in my playlist. 😀
Favouite scene: When shruti hear jhilmil calling barfi by his name in the ashram, she could have not said this to barfi but she didn’t. 🙂 ❤
Only Love and don’t think anything. Everything else will find a way
P.S: IMDB rating 9.1/10. Well deserved.


Growing Up

Loosened up

Is it easy to pick up fallen pieces of an old life
And start a new one
Yeah! Atleast I thought so
I told myself
Oh dear lady! Take a break
Loosen up urself, set urself free
And I did that!
But in quest of loosening
The chains that used to keep me bound with my soul
Even those got broken.
I was flying in the sky
Away from every worry
Free from every chain
Felt like an emancipated bird
But those wings had got a life like everything else
It ended
I was falling, falling into deep sea
I cried, screamed
But there was no one
Or I cried not loud enough
Or subconsciously I didn’t want anyone to hear me
But Oh!
It was not any sea
It was my old life, THE old me
A breeze was taking me back
Back to my old place
The same place, the only place I didn’t want to go
Oh yeah! Then it occurred to me
It is not possible to leave ANY part of urself behind
Even if u try, they will follow u
Reach u and stick to u
Nothing u do can be undone!!!
It is just a matter of time
Oh I wish I hadn’t cut my chains
Or was it so.
Should I have known
Reach of rope to be loosened up
But how could I have known.
No It was not my fault.
But then whose It was!!